Straw Love Fund


After a shipwreck, a man drifted to a deserted island and was later rescued. He is the only person who survived the shipwreck. It turned out that this person kept seeing a straw in front of him, and he always wanted to reach it. Perhaps seeing the straw is just an ilusion, but based on this belief, he persisted until finally rescued. This is the origin of the life-saving straw. Zhaohong Straw Love Fund is a corporate fund organization established by Zhaohong Technology.

The Straw Love Fund is to send life-saving straw to disadvantaged groups when they need it most. The company will set aside a certain amount of net profit every year as the funds for the love fund. Zhaohong Straw Love Fund focuses on education for poverty alleviation and donation to school. Since its establishment, the Straw Love Fund has participated in the Wenchuan earthquake donation and disaster relief, Qinghai earthquake donation and disaster relief, caring for the elderly and helping the poor, and other charity activities. Charity creates harmony and love inherits the virtues. Zhaohong Straw Love Fund may be just a drop in the bucket for the entire society, but it is the embodiment of Chairman Li Chun' s altruistic thoughts, and it is the original intention of Zhaohong Technology, which is passed on through the Straw Love Fund. At the same time, it also fills the hearts of our employees with love, and uses our practical actions to build Zhaohong Technology into a caring and responsible enterprise.