Business School

1Zhaohong Business School is a production line and gas station for enterprise's talent,which was born to meet the growing demand for talent development and skill improvement. The purpose of the establishment is to help customers achieve success while pursuing the company's own sustainable operation. As a promoter of corporate upgrades and a propagandist of corporate culture,Zhaohong Business School aims to cultivate and build teams,improve their knowledge and work skills, and fundamentally improve their behavior patterns,so that companies can improve their production and technology,R&D, commerce,supply chain,and business operations to achieve continuous development and breakthroughs.

OUR PURPOSE:By providing business consulting,training, management and leadership development,we become the most satisfactory learning solution provider for Zhaohong's customers, employees,suppliers,partners and other potential customers, thereby serving the business ecosystem of Zhaohong.

OUR VISION:The ultimate goal of business operation is to run a school


●Provide students with the following services through the experienced teacher team of Zhaohong Business School:

●Provide advisory services

●Provide teaching services

●Provide internship services

●Provide employment services

●Provide entrepreneurial guidance services


Action learning method,simple and practical,quick results


●Training and consulting are closely integrated with organizational goals and student performance

●Mobilize the enthusiasm of students,focus on performance improvement,increase the speed of obtaining performance results,and train students to keep pace with the times


Our goal is to build Zhaohong Business School into the best brand for talent training in industrial jewel industry in China.


●Zhaohong Business School is based on the dynamic market theory and combines the specific needs of industry talents to design and develop the college courses.

●The design of the course complies with the requirements of a comprehensive talent development strategy and is closely linked with personnel recruitment,performance evaluation and management.

●The course content is diversified,with academic theories,real cases,and case studies.

●All course teachers have passed the qualification certification of Zhaohong Business School. They have rich practical experience and excellent work success. They are all elite talents in related industries.