Intelligent manufacturing


Intelligent manufacturing is the core of the new industrial revolution and the inevitable trend of the development of industrial enterprises in the information era. In order to further improve equipment efficiency and precision,Zhaohong Technology uses equipment more rationally and intelligently,maximizes the value of manufacturing through operation and maintenance,comprehensively upgrades and transforms management,and continuously upgrades equipment,and gradually builds a digital smart factory.

The construction of Zhaohong Intelligence Factory is based on scale, standardization,and automation,and at the same time has new features of flexibility,customization,and visualization. It is a full-process,end-to-end transformation process involving R&D,production,products,channels,a whole ecological chain of sales,customer management,etc.,including: intelligent equipment,intelligent testing,intelligent production methods,intelligent management and intelligent services.

Zhaohong Technology has completed the automatic upgrade and transformation of important processes such as jewel bearing production line and rounding,which greatly reduces production costs and improves production efficiency. While promoting the development of intelligence,it uses Internet of Things technology and monitoring technology to strengthen information management Service, improve the controllability of the production plant,reduce manual intervention in the production line,and reasonable planning arrangements.

Zhaohong Intelligent Manufacture continues to optimize and solidify manage processes,improve management levels,improve collaboration efficiency,reduce repetitive labor,reduce costs,and continuously improve production governance capabilities and core competitiveness.